Equipment Acquisition

Time to replace old Computers or Network equipment?

Make Predictable Monthly Payments 

We offer a variety of options with your budget and specific needs in mind.


Protect Against Advancing Technology

Get Flexible Pay Structures



Leasing –
ATLASTA gives organizations the option to lease virtually any IT product, from computers and telephony equipment to software and servers, at rates and terms that work with your budget in mind.


We work with top equipment leasing companies to facilitate lease terms that best fit your unique needs and budget requirements. Depending on your technology needs, we can secure a FMV lease with maximized options and terms.


Buying – 
Our wholesale purchasing power works to your advantage.  Since we’re not a Retailer, we don’t make a habit of marking up the equipment we sell, like many of our competitors.

Lower Your Upfront IT Equipment Costs

Pre-owned & Recertified PCs and Peripherals –
Often times it’s not in the budget to buy new equipment, we understand! Through strategic partnerships we have access to a variety of pre-owned and even Factory Recertified equipment. We can get Dell PowerEdge and HP Proliant Servers, Dell Optiplex Business Workstations, Cisco Switches, and much, much more, Warranty & availability varies, so let us know what you’re looking for.