About Us

ATLASTA.NET Managed Network Services is owned and operated by two Principal partners:
Craig J. Rogers, Sr., of Seattle, Washington & John C. Carson of Augusta, Georgia.


Our Directors

Craig J. Rogers, Sr., CEO

Craig J. Rogers, Sr., CEO

Sammi & Rufus

Craig Rogers is a veteran of the United States Air Force. While on active duty he held a Secret Security Clearance and worked primarily in Counter-Narcotics Surveillance Operations with a Long-range Ground Radar Squadron based at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. His background in Radar Electronics had a tremendous influence on his interest in the creation and continued success of the company. After receiving an Honorable Discharge in October 1994, he began work as a Residential Real Estate Sales Agent with Windermere Real Estate in Shoreline. His vast knowledge of computers and technology was immediately recognized by his Broker, Gary Alston, who encouraged him to start providing computer network support for the brokerage. Craig agreed and continued providing support for Mr. Alston’s Windermere office for many years while actively marketing his Consulting Services to other business owners throughout the region. He is a recognized industry expert and has a loyal customer base of Business Clients, both locally and nationally. He is the “Go-To” guy for many national Technology Service Providers in need of specialized support on a variety of projects ranging from Point-of-Sale (POS) to Video Surveillance (CCTV). Craig has 18+ years of Project Management and Customer Support experience.

Craig holds the formal role of (CEO) Chief Executive Officer. But his primary focus is Business Operations & Management, Project Scheduling, and Logistics.

In his off-time, Craig can be found taking his 2 dogs, (mixed-Labradors) Rufus and Sammi, to the dog parks; producing webshows; and getting in a game of Craps at one of the casino’s.

John C. Carson, CTO

John C. Carson, CTO


John Carson is the Founder of ATLASTA.NET. He began to build his dream vision at the infancy of the Internet. Living just outside Augusta, Georgia, where the fastest dial-up Internet Service offered at that time was 33.6kbps, John’s vision was to become the first Provider of 56k dial-up in Augusta. He made that vision a reality in 1996 and carried on for almost 2-years before being offered a buyout from Due-South Networks of South Carolina. The buyout involved a ‘quiet period’ but allowed retention of the company name ATLASTA.NET once 24-months had passed. By 1998 at the height of the “DotCom” Boom, John was hired by an IT Consulting firm in Seattle, Washington. Though he was content with his new surroundings, he was determined to make his vision a reality once more. He eventually met Craig Rogers through mutual industry counterparts. After meeting Craig and discussing the possibilities of merging the client base Craig had already established under his own consulting firm, it was agreed that they would work together to rebirth ATLASTA.NET and build it to be an industry contender.

John maintains the role of (CTO) Chief Technology Officer and oversees the technical staff. He still actively provides day-to-day “Help Desk” phone support & Remote Desktop support to their clientele.

In his down-time, John is constantly playing with Technology; Playing Destiny on the XBOX; and spending time with his 2 daughters. He has 3 furballs: a Boxer named Fish, and 2 cats (KP & FatCat).

Both partners are committed to the success of the Firm. They are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of skilled Technicians who are motivated and knowledgeable in their respective trade. After almost 20 years in operation, the company’s outlook is solid. Client retention is near 98.9%.

Our Team

Eli Smith, Jr. Desktop Support Specialist

Chewy & Dobbie

Chewy & Dobbie

Elijah Smith comes with great enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. He provides remote desktop support from his home in Georgia.

When he’s not working, Eli is tending to his zoo: a Snake, 3 Lizards, Saltwater Fish, and 2 Boxers (Dobbie & Chewy). He also tinkers with everything, much to the chagrin of his family.




John Ballard is the newest member of team.






A True Company History

(Circa 1996) Founded by John Carson, with its origin as the First 56k Dial-up ISP in Columbia County Georgia, the company is now based in Seattle, Washington.

Atlasta.Net has become a strong player in the SMB arena as a Managed Service Provider. The firm offers a wide range of IT Services to Business Owners that don’t employ in-house IT staff. Additionally, the company has formed strategic alliances with select National IT staffing agencies. The Engineering Staff regularly provide Outsourced Support for a number of Fortune 500 companies through these alliances.

The staff and management of Atlasta.Net pride ourselves on being an established Managed Service Provider. We strive to provide our customers with a wide range of enhanced network services. We provide simple basic Website Hosting & eMail Service, all the way up to dedicated Server Co-location. We provide management for our clients’ servers at all premier data centers located in the Seattle, Washington metropolitan area. We provide network security assessments and independent consulting services as well as management of your IT Purchasing needs. Our strategies & solutions will not only meet, but exceed your business technology expectations. Our extensive knowledge of network security threats and the implementation of a wide variety of hardware, together with our custom configuration techniques will ensure protection of your valuable information assets, while allowing your business to utilize your Internet connection safely and with confidence.

We can evaluate your network and the Internet applications you run, to uncover any potential risks and assist in determining the most effective solutions. Whether you need a more secure Virtual Private Network (VPN), to provide an effective means of secure remote access for your mobile users, or the implementation of a secure firewall perimeter for your Local Area Network, Atlasta.Net will provide a custom tailored plan to meet each and every network security need.

Server Co-location is primarily offered to Web Hosts, ASPs, Internet Content Providers, E-Commerce Companies and Business Enterprises who require data center “rack space” and committed bandwidth. We offer tenancy with support at any of the local datacenters in Seattle, Washington. Each and every location features ultra fast fiber optic connections to the major backbones and robust datacenter infrastructure for non-stop operations.  We offer 24 x 7 technical phone support. Atlasta.Net is an industry leading provider of Advanced Web, E-Commerce, Database, and Application Hosting for every enterprise and “Dot Com” needing mission-critical Internet operations. Connectivity in a state-of-the-art Internet datacenter provide direct backbone connections for high performance & redundancy, with rich fiber connections to any of the major carriers, and scalable bandwidth capacity from 100-Megabit to OC-48.

ATLASTA.NET is the (dba) trade name for Triga Laboratories, Inc., a Washington Corporation.