Network Consulting

Network Consulting


Network Consulting is our core business. Not only have we been at it for nearly 20-years, our Senior Network Engineers have been with us for the life of the company. We have an abundance of customers who’ve been with us for longer than a decade as well.

We build and maintain relationships based on trust and expertise. Our clients’ testimonials will back it up!

When people hear the term, Network Consulting, they think of Microsoft Windows and other desktop software applications. Network infrastructure today is much more than just making computers talk. Almost everything is a network device in today’s world. It’s about making everything from Phones and SmartTV’s to Cameras, Security Systems and any other network device communicate.


From very small offices to huge, complex data centers, including Health Care, Education, Retial and  Small Enterprise; ATLASTA.NET has been involoved in several different projects over the years.

We work with many clients who don’t have an IT Staff and outsource everything.

We have the ability to keep services online all while replacing the guts of an entire network.