Hold my beer and watch this…

When you hear those words in the South, you are guaranteed to witness something spectacular. It may be the coolest thing you ever did see or it may be about the dumbest things you ever saw.

This area is no different.

In the course of being in IT since the mid-90’s, I’ve done many things with technology, ranging from awesome, to WTF?, to completely stupid. 20 years on, its no different. I still do cool stuff and I still do stupid stuff.

I’m going to use this space on the company website to talk about the cool stuff I do…and maybe some of the stupid stuff. There might be other, non computer, things mixed in there too that I find interesting.

My bio on the site sums me up, technologically at least:

John C. Carson, CTO

John Carson is the Founder of ATLASTA.NET. He began to build his dream vision at the infancy of the Internet. Living just outside Augusta, Georgia, where the fastest dial-up Internet Service offered at that time was 33.6kbps, John’s vision was to become the first Provider of 56k dial-up in Augusta. He made that vision a reality in 1996 and carried on for almost 2-years before being offered a buyout from Due-South Networks of South Carolina. The buyout involved a ‘quiet period’ but allowed retention of the company name ATLASTA.NET once 24-months had passed. By 1998 at the height of the “DotCom” Boom, John was hired by an IT Consulting firm in Seattle, Washington. Though he was content with his new surroundings,  he was determined to make his vision a reality once more. He eventually met Craig Rogers through mutual industry counterparts. After meeting Craig and discussing the possibilities of merging the client base Craig had already established under his own consulting firm, it was agreed that they would work together to rebirth ATLASTA.NET and build it to be an industry contender.

There is much more to me than that. Did you know I was a Professional Welder & Fabricator for over 10 years? Yup. I used to rebuild Heavy Equipment, Classic Cars, and Hotrods. I didn’t do any of the Mechanic stuff (even though I know how), but I did all the metal work. I even De-Militarized an M101A1 towable 105MMHowitzer for a City Park in Georgia, the best part about that job was towing the weapon behind my F-150 to get it sandblasted. The looks from everyone I passed put a big ‘ol grin on my face.

Anyways, there is a lot of cool things we do every day, on and off the clock, that needs to be talked about. That’s what this is for.

My goal is to publish something each Friday that will give you something to think about over the weekend.

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