5 Reasons a Small Business should Outsource the IT Support

Outsoursed IT

Many companies outsource their Accounting, Customer Service, and even Human Resources.

Why should Tech Support be different?

It shouldn’t!


Outsourcing provides many benefits. Primarily, Small businesses with limited resources benefit the most. Good IT Support Teams are extremely hard for small companies to build and even more difficult to retain.

Here are my Top Five reasons why outsourcing IT Support will benefit your company:

1. Reduced Costs

Reducing labor and equipment costs are two of the major reasons why companies outsource IT Services.

Employing a company to do the work is cheaper than hiring an entire IT Staff. There’s something to be said for removing a 6-figure salary from your payroll. Not to mention all the employment tax and liabilities you will avoid!

Buying all the extra equipment needed for an in-house IT Department and maintaining that system will cost a lot of extra money. By removing these factors will help you manage your annual operating costs more effectively.

2. Provides Support 24/7

If your business runs 24-hours a day, this is another good reason to outsource your IT Support.

Instead of having to employ another IT staffer, which will increase your payroll expenses, solely for answering calls during the second or third shift, outsourcing to ATLASTA.NET will guarantee someone is always available to help your company when problems occur.

24/7 Help Desk Support Teams stay alert to flaws and bugs in the system so potential problems can be addressed before they affect the entire infrastructure of the business.

3. Adjusts According to Demand

When the demand suddenly increases, and your company workload goes up, what do you do if your permanent IT department staff is small or just one person?

Hiring temporary employees poses a variety of issues. You don’t know when demand will decrease and if you’ll be forced to terminate your Temps immediately. How can you be sure of the Technical Skill-set and personality of your Temps if you’re in a rush to get them onboarded and working?

Meanwhile, ATLASTA.NET can easily scale up or scale down, depending on your specific needs. Our access to Technical resources is vast!

4. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology & Industry Pros

The security of your data and your customers’ private information is critical.

Large companies are susceptible to attacks too. Hackers successfully gained access to JP Morgan’s 76 million households plus 7 million small businesses in 2014. More recently, the Boeing Company was hit with the WannaCry virus. Linda Mills, a spokeswoman at Boeing’s commercial airplane division said, “Our cybersecurity operations center detected a limited intrusion of malware that affected a small number of systems,” A cyberattack in 2017 compromised companies such as FedEx Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. and crippled parts of the U.K.’s state-run National Health Service. Even the Social Media platforms are vulnerable to third-party entities mishandling user data.

To keep your data safe and secure, you must have the latest technologies in place, together with the knowledge of industry experts. You and your staff must be up-to-date with the industry standards, which can be challenging if you don’t have a professional IT team supporting your organization.

Outsourcing resolves this issue. The cutting-edge technology & training of your employees is the responsibility of the IT team. It needs to be done regularly so you don’t have to be concerned about it.

5. Allows You to Focus on Your Business

When you no longer have to worry about the security and integrity of your network infrastructure, you can focus on the priorities to keep your business profitable.

Your employees will be much more efficient without network interruptions and computer down time. You won’t hear nearly as many complaints about computer problems, and they’ll able to perform to the fullest potential for the company!

You can focus on improving your products and services while ATLASTA.NET deals with the technical issues.

Craig J. Rogers, Sr.  Director/CEO 
ATLASTA.NET Managed Network Services
Seattle, WA USA